Soap Making, How Lather Up Naturally started.

Lather Up Naturally opened December 5th 2014.                                                            

I started soaping in an unusual way.  My husband and I did volunteer work at Warwick NY on a construction project back in the spring of 2014. We worked on green roofing, and applied two-part epoxy on the building's roofs before planting plants. The final product is shown below.


We had the weekends off and my husband would brew beer. I knew I wanted to do something constructive, as an outlet, something I could appreciated just like my husband appreciated brewing (see pics below.)  I also wanted to make something I could share with others.  That’s when I knew I needed to do something.  


So what was the first thing that I did? You might find it childish or even humorous, but I called my mom and asked her what was her hobby. But she didn't really have one.  So we started brainstorming:

"Your husband brews beer. Do you enjoy it?"

"Yes of course."

Mom said, "A few years ago you took up becoming an esthetician did you like it?" 

"Yeah, I loved it."

"What did you love about it?" 

"The products."

"Is there something that you could make?" 

I thought about it as I was scratching my dry irritated skin and replied, "yeah a bar of soap that won't make my skin itchy, dry, and flaky." 

Mom said, “are you crazy? Soap has lye, people get burned by lye."

"What’s the difference? I'm doing roofing using two-part epoxy. If anything is dangerous that's dangerous. Why can't I make soap? "

So that's how I went from roofing to soap making. The idea for Lather Up Naturally had been born. But where would I find information on soap making?