Ever Green

Weight: 66.40 Ounces
Height: 23.00 Inches
Width: 5.50 Inches
Depth: 1.50 Inches
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Reusable, non toxic, 100% natural cotton. Feel: Soft, comfortable,  soothing, relaxing,  conforming to body. Scent:  Unscented. This rice pillow is portable ideal  on the go or long travel. This pillow is made with 100% all natural  cotton  filled with rice. These  pillows are designed to conform to any part of your body to help sooth aching muscles.  Neck, Shoulders , Arms, Back, Legs, Stomach. This pillows can be used as heat or cold packs. Pop them in the freezer for an hour or two. Or in the microwave heat for 2 mins until warm. If that's not enough go for 3 mins. Warning : Please do not heat warming pillows more than 4 mins. This will damage the beautiful material these pillows are made out of.  Shipping : All pillows must be shipped USPS Priority Mail. This will be the cheapest shipping due to the weight of product.

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Evergreen Therapeutic Warming Pillow

Posted by Morrell on Jan 11th 2018
Love, Love, Love it! Feels so good around your neck, or anywhere else for that matter! Well made, love the fabric. Everyone should have one or two!
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