About Us


Besides soaping I work along side with my husband doing construction on custom homes. Which sometimes gives me a chance to learn new things. My favorite thing is to go hiking with my husband and our dog named Pilsner in the blue ridge area which we live near by. Sometimes we may go downtown to see the sites and whats going on. I am a self taught soaper. Which means I have learn from watching other people make soap, then doing it on my own without a teacher. I have been soaping for a long time now and since so many people started asking me to make soap for them i decided to go into business. Business has its ups and downs, but since I love the art side of soap making we love our handmade soap business.

Here at Lather Up Naturally we make handmade artisan soaps.  We create refined artisan soaps that have a luxurious feel. All our products are natural.  We only use high quality oils and butters. No chemicals or preservatives. Our products are cruelty free. We make everything with love.  Taking our time to perfect the recipes. We know your will love our soaps as much as we do.